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RK International Americade Pictures

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Mary says that she takes all the pictures so she won't be in any...

Well... we can fix that!

The Apple Hill Farm serves up great faire... stop by sometime on Joslin Street in Leominster for their Sunday brunch.

President Laford swears in the new officers - Congratulations to Secretary Moe Lizotte, and Assistant Road Captains Larry Robinson and Terry Atwood
We had 47 people (48 if you count Ian) at our Christmas party at the Apple Hill Farm. Guess that is a clue that we had a great year. Thanks for being part of Mass-2 everyone!

Where else can you get together with your riding buddies for a fun-filled,
non-riding event, have a lot of great food, receive lessons on how to curl
and have a curling competition between members - other than the Red Knights!

I think we're ready for the Olympics!
View a Quicktime Movie of our Curlking Skills!

Thank you to the Petersham Curling Club for their hospitality!
A stop in Boylston on our October breakfast ride to pay our respects to our past members.

A few minutes with Smokey Bear at the Jaffrey Fire Station (after breakfast) before leaving for Apple Pie at the Dummerston Apple Pie Festval.
(Read an article from Backroads magazine
about the 2006 ride).

We had a great halloween party with lot's of fun, friends, and food...

... with real "finger" food too!

Another cultural first for the Red Knights... a stop at the Winchester Pickle Festival, where they do not throw candy from the floats in the parade... they throw pickles!

Labor Day weekend was perfect weather for the bikes. On Saturday we had a group in Amherst at the UMass/Holy Corss football game and another group at RK VT-2's "Paul's Ride." And on Monday we were all at the Mickles for a great BBQ that included Prime Rib on the grill, Steamers, and Mary B's chocolate chip cookie square!

OK... we admit it, there are two Goldwings parked in front of an HD dealership. The HD guys on the ride said it was OK for us to follow them into the show room... but they wouldn't park next to us!

Is that the president on a Harley?! Can't tell... it's a blurry picture!

WHAT were they scavenging for here during this year's scavenger ride?!

Hmmm... another dirt road.

...on it's first official ride with the chapter, Ed B's new wing was on a dirt road within the first 12 miles of the trip!

It may not look it... but this is the approach to one FANTASTIC ice cream spot at the UCONN campus in Storrs, CT.

Americade 2007... Click for more pictures

The 2007 RKMC Convention was a 25th Anniversary Celebration!

293 Red Knights from around the continent (and one from Switzerland) made their way to Worcester for the festivities.

Thanks to all the members of our chapter... and neighboring chapters that helped run the convention registration at the Crown Plaza.

A meeting of Presidents. Ontario-13 President Henry Heideman, MA-1 Bob Laford, and Ontario-7 President Lorne Cornell.

...it was a staged picture because they took one together several years ago at the Ontario-7 Winter Frolic in Bellville. ...and Henry didn't recognize Bob when he checked in at the hotel in Worcester!

Our August ice cream ride included a long-distance rider - all the way from Switzerland! Daniel (front row) spent some time riding his rented HD in Massachusetts before heading back home after the convention.

The Thursday evening BBQ

...better keep an eye on that Walter guy!

Some future Red Knights

One of Peg's MANY projects over the years. Thanks for all you have done Peg!

A solemn stop at the site of the Worcester Cold Storage building.

On the streets in Worcester

At the Memorial dedication in Boylston

Mass-1 members Dave Hamilton and Roger Wentzel remove the covers during the Memorial dedication.

Charlie receives an award for "First Registrant" at the convention.

Ed Brouillet receives recognition for his many years of service tot eh Red Knights and the International Board.

The maiden voyage for two new bikes. Larry and Nancy's new HD FF Special and Moe and Marcia's new Wing!

Who's the old guy that just turned 50?!

Happy Birthday Mr. V.P.

It was a great day for a Crazy Ride... even though we had not a planned route or destination -- the luck of the draw determined who would lead and what direction we were headed!

We had a GREAT weekend in Vermont at the Swiss Farm Inn in Pittsfield, Vermont.
Dead-center of Vermont, just above Killington on Route 100 made this the perfect "staging" point for some of the best roads in New England!

The hosts at the B&B made us all feel very much at home... and they fed us well too!

Saturday's ride went up the west side of Lake Champlain (in New York) and lunch was at the Galley Restaurant, right on the lake, in Westport.

Then it was across Lake Champlain.. met up with some rain showers, and across the Mad River Glen on Route 17 for some WONDERFUL twisties!

...of course there had to be at least one ice cream stop!

And we even imported our own native "Vermonter" from VT-2 for the weekend!

As always, the Red Knights usually take charge... and make ourselves at home.

Here the guys commandeered the Inn's BBQ grill for some burgers and dogs.


Perfect weather for our Father's Day ride... with a stop in Plainfeild to look at the bikes.

At the Central Mass Safety Council's Annual dinner, Walter Roach was recognized for his work with the Safety Council's Driver's-Ed program.
Congratulations Walter!

A stop in Wells, Maine to visit Marty and Cliff

Kicking back and having a good time at Don H's in Townsend on 4th of July

Our early May weekend on Cape Cod was just fantastic weather!

Lot's of entertainment from cards, Yatzee, Dice, pool, ping-pong... the list goes on and on!

Our Saturday ride went out to P-town...

...with a stop at the Truro Winery...

...for a bit of wine tasting.

We certainly took advantage of the weather whenever we had the chance!

With the beautiful Cape Cod National Sea Shore at our doorstep we made several stops along the water's edge to enjoy the beaches and the views.

...and of course we all ate well - from the Elks Club Fish Fry to the nearby BBQ... and of course ice cream!


Steve Mickle presents a chapter patch to Val Duggan of the Onsite Academy for their facility's patch board.

At the Spring meeting of the chapter, held at the Onsite Academy facility in Gardner, Mary Barclay was recognized with "Special Honorary Status" with the Red Knights. This is an acknowledgement for "promotion of the Red Knights mission and image in a special way by a member of the community."


It's always a good day when we're together... and our bellies are full!

did you get some of Mary's apple crisp (and ice cream)?!?

April 15, 2007 -- Seven weeks prior to Americade

The ice is still covering the lake. The only openings are along the south end at the docks and large vessels where they run water agitation equipment to keep the lake open!

The new block of buildings is nearing completion on Canada Street. And if you forgot why there was a need for a new block of buildings, here is a picture from a beautiful sunny day last April.

And yes, they say Bob's Ice Cream will be opening and operating for Americade!

Caitlin on here new Vulcan and Donna with her new HD Classic
Boston in March... what a great day! It was bright and sunny with 26 members and friends for our train ride into the city. A stop at Quincy market (where the new Kevin White statue is) before our meal at Mother Anna's and a stop at Mike's pastry in the North end

Steve with his award-winning firefighter's special at the NE Motorcycle Expo on Long Island, NY... and the president tagged along as well for the weekend.


One of our members, Gary Frechette of Leominster FD sent this picture from his visit to St. Marten. The Buccaneer Beach Bar displays patches from Fire, Police, and Rescue -- AND the Red Knights Mass Chapter 2!

Moe's thinking, "Boy if we eat like this everyday at Americade I'm in trouble!"

Getting together to think about our week in Lake George.

It's always good to start the new year with a gathering of the clan to break bread and look at the rides ahead!

We met a few new friends at our February pot luck including these two draft horses Bo and Luke.

There is always plenty of food to enjoy...

...and of course our reason for the gathering was to look at the ride schedule put together by the officers.

It was cold and windy... and the morning after the first snow of the year (February 3) but we had motorcycles on the mind as we took the train into Boston for the NE Motorcycle Expo at the Bayside Expo Center.


It's January and the officers are together to plan the rides for 2007. Of course there is plenty of food to sustain us as we do the planning.

The winter is already half over and it will not be long before the bikes are back on the road!

It's always good to start off the year's pictures with a picture from the previous Christmas party!

Our 2006 Christmas Party had 37 members and friends in attendance at the Apple Hill Farm!




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