Pictures from 2004

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Pictures from 2003, Pictures from 2002 and Pictures from 2001

Pictures from Americade 04


A leftover picture from 2003. Our Chefs working hard at our Christmas Party

We do eat well! Some of our Christmas desserts.

2004 slate of officers being sworn in by the International President, with their "better halves" standing along side them for support.

One of the bike's at the Bike Competition in Boston -

January 2004

A Victory being raffled at the Gardner Lions Club

Ride for Sight

Steve Mickle taking advantage of the Hair Tangle Prevention lotion at the Boston Bike Show.

Some fun at our Sliding Party-Pot Luck in February in Ashby

Then we eat...


...and be merry! As we look at the 2004 Ride Schedule.

Our annual train ride and walking tour in Boston

Waiting outside Faniuel Hall

Three of a kind?

Spending time with Mayor Curely

Leading the fire apparatus in the 2004 River Rat Parade in Athol

We were all surprised when three of our members showed up on new Haley Firefighter Specials
at our April Breakfast Club!


On our Cape Weekend in May

Just pick a color --
and Ready-Set-Go!

At the Yarmouth Resort

A circle of friends

Looking for food again!

On the move
for Saturday's ride

One of our ocean side stops

Safe with Lifeguard Steve

A stop at Cliff's ocean side cottage

More Cape Cod pictures courtesy of Sandi and George Colby of Mass-3

Our first ice cream ride of the year was to Calico and Cream...
with a dozen bikes!

"Steve, leave me alone, I'm busy eating my ice cream right now!"

Meola's in Sterling

A stop along Mass-12's Poker Run at the Belchertown Fire Museum

Off to ride the river in Maine!

Kicking back at the cabins after the ride

Relaxing with the ride's river guides.
"Ride for the Animals"

Stokin' the fires after the ride down the river

Waiting out the rain and lightning after July's Ice Cream Ride

Our president appeared stylish at the July BBQ

Tim and Krystal at the Dakin Animal Shelter
"Ride for the Animals"

At the Quabbin Healthcare after the Alzheimer's Ride

A visit to the Ruggles Mine
in Grafton, NH

Just a small group on the road today...
...but what a great ride and destination!

If seemed like the road to the mine was straight up for three miles. But the view at the top was great.

Heading down into the mine.

Leaving our mark

Either they are searching for treasurer or looking for the secret door!

Krystal has the guys right where she wants them!

The views inside the mine were amazing. It could have been a movie set, the deserts of New Mexico or Arizona,
or the neighborhood where you would expect to see Fred Flintstone drive by!

Our tickets listed several simple rules. But sometimes we have problems following rules...
...simple rules like:

Obey the signs

No Horseplay

Wear eye protection

Don't climb the walls


Some pictures from the Convention
More on the International Page

On the Pre-trip in the Canadian Rockies

On a break... with the Rockies in the view

Leaving the hotel for a ride

Two special girls get recognized as Honorary Members of Alberta-1

We love our man Steve!

Steve receives an award in Alberta for "Person to most abuse the Hospitality Room!"

The Kilharts and the Jordans

Is it famous or infamous?

From the Killington Classic, September 11, 2004

The Killington Classic Parade being led by over sixty Red Knights and the Governor of Vermont

The story goes that Bill Curtis convinced someone to let him drive their trike during the "Trike Pulling Contest."

Our Labor Day Party at the Kilhart's Camp

Even the bike's enjoy the woodsy atmosphere!

Even the bike's enjoy the woodsy atmosphere!

Our Yearly Pilgrimage to Wells, Maine... thanks to Marty and Cliff!

The ride up and the ride home were under sunny skies... but our Saturday was shared with the rains from hurricane Ivan!

But as always we EAT

Ordering the seafood to go with our Saturday night steak and corn on the cob



We took over the campgrounds "Rec Room" for the rainy Saturday

Too wet to play Bocce outside... so we used the indoor court!

But we still shared the space with the other campers too.

Along with the miniature golf we also tried our hands at shuffleboard...

...and many games of dice.

The weekend always passes quickly and its time to pack up and go home.

But Deb agrees that we'll be back next year!

A few bikes in Dummerston, VT stopped for some Apple Pie - October '04.

Who is that masked man? A fun time at our Halloween Party!

The perfect couple?

Our final scheduled ride for 2004. A late Brunch at "The Barn" for our Polar Bear Ride.
A beautiful fall day with sunny skies and temperatures in the sixties!


The first picture on this page was from the 2003 Christmas Party and the last group is of the '04 Party... and what a fun time we have. Did you notice throughout the pictures all year long we like to eat, and there are always lots of smiles. Thanks for a great year.


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