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  • August 19: Day 3 of the Convention. Meeting day today with the general membership (Ed was re-elected International Vice-President). Also some special presentations. Both Ed and Steve received proclamations from the Massachusetts House and Senate congratulating them on their participation Fallen Firefighters Memorial Tour. These proclamations were read aloud on the House and Senate floors while the Massachusetts Legislature was in session -- this being done, the RKMC Four-corners Tour for Firefighters has been entered into the official history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    Another citation they both received was from the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. The citations read:

  • Certificate of Special
    Congressional Recognition presented to
    Edward Brouillet and Steven Mickle
    in recognition of outstanding and invaluable
    service to the community.

    The letter from Representative John Olver that accompanied these citiations read:

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your particiaption in the Four-Corners Tour this summer.

    The Red Knights Motorcycle Club has been so generous and supportiive to so many causes over the years. This particular cause, the memorial for Worcester's six fallen firefighters, is certainly one that is very close to the hearts of the communities in this area.

    I am grateful to you and all the members of the Red Knights Motorcycle Club for offering your time and energy to such a worthy and important project. We must never forget the firefighters who put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety. These six men gave the ultimate sacrifice but this memorial will keep them alive in our hearts forever. As much as they are considered heroes, I consider you each a hero as well.

    Congratulations and thank you.

    John W. Olver
    Member of Congress

  • August 20: Day 4 of the Convention. The closing breakfast was today, and our Four-corner Riders were on the road headed back to the east coast by 8:00 a.m. Stopped in Granville, Ohio for lunch and was treated to a BBQ at the Granville Fire Department. The firefighters also presented Ed and Steve with a check for the Memorial Donation. One of the firefighters, Carl Niedner, was also a firefighter back in Westminster and Petersham, Mass before moving back to Ohio. Off the road for the day in Willoughby, Ohio just short of the Pennsylvania state line.

  • August 21: Getting closer to home! Today was a travel day through Pennsylvania and New York, stopping just outside of Schenectady along the New York Throughway -- 410 miles. Only a few short hours back to Massachusetts.

  • August 22: Back in familiar country and home again. Decided to take Route 2 and enjoy the ride along the Mohawk Trail to finish the Red Knights Fallen Firefighters Memorial Tour. 153 Miles for the last day. Our riders did not have an entire day of rain in all the days they were on the road!

    Home again, home again to friends and family in Massachusetts. Itís been forty days and 12,083 miles since Ed and Steve left Massachusetts. Those familiar beds back at home in Westminster and Groton are going to feel real sweet! Congratulations on your trip gentlemen, you deserve a pat on the back and some genuine rest.
    Your friend,

    The Travelersí Return

    Sweet to the morning travelers
    The song amid the sky,
    Where, twinkling in the dewy light,
    The skylark soars on high.

    And cheering to the travelers
    The gales that round them play,
    When faint and heavily they drag
    Along their noontide way.

    And when beneath the unclouded sun
    Full wearily toils they,
    The flowing water makes to them
    A soothing melody.

    And when the evening light decays.
    And all is calm around,
    There is sweet music to the ear
    In the distance town-bellsí sound.

    But, oh! Of all delightful sounds
    Of evening or of morn,
    The sweetest is the voice of Love
    That welcomes their return.


    Welcome Home Friends

Page 1: July 13 to August 2 (Maine to Washington)

Page 2: August 3 to August 16 (Washington to Indiana)

Page 3: August 17 to August 22 (Indiana -- RKMC Convention -- to home)

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