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(Peg left Westminster around 4:30 a.m.! That was eighteen hours ago.) The thought from our group is, "oh well, tomorrow's another day."


    From the Sunday News, August 6: Pilot shortage brings United cancellations
    CHICAGO - United Airlines canceled at least 150 flights yesterday, mainly because of a shortage of pilots. Some had called in sick, but many of the missing pilots had worked their allotted weekly hours trying to make up for flights canceled Thursday and Friday because of bad weather in the East, said a United spokesman, Chris Brathwaite. United pilots have refused to work overtime since their contract expired in April, Brathwaite said. (AP)

    A tip of our hat to our Brothers and Sisters in Public Safety
    in the City of Worcester

  • August 6:Rode from Seattle through the cascades to Spokane, Washington. About 374 miles in eight hours. Real nice to have the girls along now. Next few days are expected to be easy rides, between 150 and 250 a day. ...received an e-mail from Spokane M.A.L. Dick Streeter saying that he met up with our riders while they were in Washington. He said, "I met up with Ed and Steve in Spokane. I know they are glad to have their wives along with them now. They are all in great spirits." The support our riders are receiving from Red Knights, firefighters, and friends from all over our continent helps to keep that spirit high!

  • August 7: Beautiful weather for riding -- temperature between 60's and 80's with sunshine (of course back home it's near 90 degrees and high humidity - yuck). Great scenery. Rode from Spokane to Kalispell, Montana, for 249 miles. (The faxes are easier to read now that Peg is writing them!) Stopped in Kootenai National Forest and took about a 1/2 mile walk to a beautiful waterfall. Well worth the walk. Steve found a pool for skinny-dipping out on their walk... so instead of "do you see a bear in the woods," it's, "do you see a bare Steve in the woods." Stopped at the Kalispell F.D. to swap patches, and also had oil changes on the bikes while they were in town.

  • August 8: Today was the "latest" start for our group since they left Westminster. On the road at 8:15 a.m. (Just think, throughout the south-west they were on the road four hours by then!) Stopping point for the day at 4:30 p.m. was Great Falls, Montana. The day's ride was 244 miles through some of the most beautiful sights in the world! Our riders ventured through Glacier State Park today along the "Going to the Sun Road." Ed said that every turn in the road was a photo opportunity. The weather cooperated again as well -- 90 degrees, sun shine and just a gorgeous day.

  • August 9: It's HOT! 100 degrees plus in Southern Montana. Today was a bit shorter on mileage, 220 from Great Falls to Gardiner, Montana. Still on schedule with plans to arrive at the convention in Indianapolis next Wednesday. Going to spend some leisurely time riding through Yellowstone tomorrow and Friday. It's laundry day and the girls were impressed that Ed and Steve had caught up on all their laundry before they arrived in Seattle.

    Many people have been asking about the fires out west. Peg said they haven't seen the fires directly but have seen smoke in the distance, and today there was a smoky haze and you could tell there was a sizeable fire not too far away.

    Back in Blaine, at the Fourth Corner, a package of cheese, crackers, and congratulatory champagne awaited our charioteers. But today was the day they actually took the time to enjoy it with their companions as they sat at the Holiday Inn overlooking the Snake River --- and had some great Calzones from a little shop across the street too.

    Boy can't a guy go away for a weekend! Diona and I went away for a long weekend camping up in New Hampshire... lot's of emails and several messages on the answering machine looking for Ed and Steve updates! (Even messages from Ed and Steve looking for us). We're back and expect to hear from our traveling Red Knights tonight with more details on their trip. But we do know they are on schedule and enjoying the ride, especially with Peg and Deb along now!

  • August 10: Short day on the road today, 150 miles, four hours on the road to Jackson, Wyoming. Ran into Yellowstone today - with full rain gear. The morning brought heavy rains. Saw a heard of Elk, and visited the Hot Springs, Geyser Basin, a great waterfall, and Old Faithful too. Between the rain and the cool temperature, there was more steam and mist to see than water at Old Faithful.



It's a small world. Our compadres met up with a couple that Peg works with at Emerson Hospital back home. They went out for dinner at the Mangy Moose Restaurant (great food) and then visited the Silver Dollar Bar and the Cowboy Bar (where you sit in saddles at the bar). Back at the hotel some of their neighbors came home, rather rambunctious, at 2:30 a.m. After being polite about wanting a little quite, Steve moved his chair out to the parking lot and politely intimidated the younger set until they got the message and quieted down. Steve did make sure he saw what rooms they went into… so he could be neighborly and give them a pleasant wake up call when our gang arose at 5:00 a.m.


  • August 11: On to Cody, Wyoming, 212 miles and five hours on the road. Rode through the Teton Mountains. Saw hundreds and hundreds of buffalo. Had supper at the Cattlemen Steakhouse - another place with great food! After having a late night with their noisy neighbors the night before they were too tired to venture out to the rodeo.

  • August 12: Messages on my answering machine are Ed looking for me... they are out of pager/email range where they are at the moment.

    Rode 354 miles into Deadwood, SD today. A really great bike day - sunny in the 80's and 90's.

    Had a little bit of an expedition off the beaten path. Looking at a map our tour guides decided for what appeared a short cut. They left the main road for a cut-off road… about five miles in, it turned to dirt. Not the nice packed gravel roads I'm used to, I mean red clay, dusty, dirt roads. Not bad enough, they come to a fork in the road - no signs. Ennie, meanie, minie, moe… yup, picked the right one that time. Then another signless fork in the road. After a little bit on that one it was decided that choice was in error. So they turned around and went the other way. All the time, Ed's GPS he bought is blazing a new trail, because the computer is telling them that there is no road out here! Twenty miles of dirt and dust. Even the insides of their coolers were dirty. I can picture a good ol' Clint Eastwood western with the cattlemen coming in from the range all covered… yup, that's what I picture. Ed said he could have kissed the road when he saw black top at an intersection --- and shortly there after a car wash too. I wonder if just the bikes got hosed off?

    But it was a worthwhile day. When they pulled into Deadwood it was very apparent that Sturgis was in full swing… Bikes and Sights is what I was told. I hear that they have some extra special video footage of just about any sight you could imagine! Even ran into International Secretary John Gulotta and his wife Barb on their vacation too! Celebrated Deb's birthday today when they all got to do a little gambling in Deadwood, and the girls walked away winners. But I hear the guys' luck wasn't as good.

  • August 13: HOT, HOT, HOT! 307 miles to Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the road (with a time change). Ed said the wind was brutal today. At one point the highway patrol had the road closed because the wind had blown over an empty TT-unit. They rode the Needles Highway into Custer State Park. Saw more Buffalo and a lot of "Beggar Burro's" as well. These are the burros that stick their head in your car window to get snacks from the tourists. Where do they stick their heads with the bikes? Ed's having a problem with a relay that controls his bike's gauges and accessory lights. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. He hopes they hold on until he is in Indianapolis and then he'll have them looked at.
  • August 14: Up early to see the giant red ball rise in the east for another hot and humid day. Drove 315 miles with the sights being Corn Fields, Hay Fields, and Cows. Off the road at 1:30 p.m. Stopped in Souix Falls, SD at the Elliot Powers Sports (Honda Shop) where Ed stopped to have the relay and his gauge problem corrected. Great service, in and out in a half hour. Now he has running lights and gauges again. Made it into Sioux City Iowa today (getting down to the "I" states until the convention - Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana). Even made a little side trip into Nebraska for ice cream at Dairy Queen so that state could be "checked off." Temperatures remained in the 90's today. The Best Western where they stopped was run by a husband-wife team who were also bike enthusiasts and gave the group royal treatment during their stay.
  • August 15: A travel day today, 374 miles to Moline, Illinois, only stops were for gas, food, and to stretch. Deb noticed a dirt road that was running parallel to the main road and asked Ed why they weren't finding out where that road went... must've been thinking about her red clay birthday road a couple days before! The people at the Holiday Inn Express in Moline were waiting for them and were very enthusiastic about the ride and that our friends were at their hotel. Even had gift baskets waiting for them when they came off the road. Great hostesses! After unwinding a bit our entourage had an exciting game of "Whiffle-ball minature golf" at the hotel... inside.
  • August 16: Today is for Indianapolis and the Red Knights Convention! Our gang is very excited about making it into Indy and seeing all our Red Knights friends... AND they can park the bikes for four days and let their bottoms return to their normal shape. Our gang had a nice leisurely lunch on the road about thirty miles out of Indianapolis, and then were met by an escort of about 20 bikes from Indiana-1. Nice touch guys. Arrived at the Speedway about 4 p.m. -- and I was told that the first (and probably second) ice cold beer tasted really good! A little mouse told me that Steve enjoyed the pool shortly after arriving -- fully clothed of course! He said, "no need to get my swim trunks on since today is wash day." From the beginning of the trip on July 13, today marked 11,035 miles!
      • The guys were interviewed by news crews from channel 8 in Indiana and there was a brief story about their arrival on the 11:00 news.


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