Red Knights at
Americade 2002

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If you have any pictures of the Red Knights at Americade that you would like to share, please contact Bob.


More pictures from Americade
are on the International Page

Another great time at Lake George!

The Jack Downs Fan Club
Can you name the baldheaded Knight?

Bob and Diona trying out a new Goldwing.

Loading them up in the Van
Heading to Roaring Brook

"The Bill" from George's Restaurant that was given to Steve Mickle!

Spaghetti by Umbrella
at the Cabin.

Cajun Wings performing

They all look the same from this angle!

Can you sleep on your bike??

That Hondaline spray
puts a shine on everything!

Enjoying the sun

Employee of the month??

Thank you to everyone who shared pictures with us.

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