In the Brush

We have a lot fewer brush fires than many towns, but more than others! Petersham is the 3rd largest community in Massachusetts in land mass (Total Area: 68.31 sq. miles, Land Area: 54.24 sq. miles) and has a fire protection responsibility for a considerable portion of the Quabbin lands.

The weekend of October 26 started a extended time of serious brush fires around western Massachusetts. Along the Holyoke Mountain Range in South Hadley a fire eventually claimed over 600 acres. That fire brought in forces to fight the fire from several task forces from around the state. Chinouck Helicopters and other aircraft were also brought in for water drops.

Starting on Saturday, October 27, a fire in Erving, Mass along Route 2 burned over 150 acres and brought in help from much of Franklin and western Worcester counties.

At 2:30 am on October 28 Petersham was dispatched to a woods fire in near proximity to a house on the west side of town. Although it was small in comparison to the above fires (5 acres), at 2:30 in the morning it was pretty impressive looking as it worked its way through the dead slash and underbrush. Firefigthers from Phillipston, Athol, Orange, New Salem, and Barre helped Petersham with the fire.

This poor guy waited patiently in his dog house
all night long as the fire burned around his dog house.
He did enjoy the donuts and the sandwiches that were brought to the scene!

1,000 feet or so up the driveway from the road. We estimated that we shuttled close to 30,000 gallons of water before we were done.

Most of the fire was knocked down while it was still dark. By sunrise, when the camera came out, the task at hand was wetting down. New Salem firefighters brought their portable class-A foam unit with them... so it's not snow you see in the picture!

I don't see any Chiefs or Officers at the canteen...
they must still be working hard!

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